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FCIA IN THE NEWS - What Physics Tells Us About Making the Perfect Chocolate
FCIA Director Richard Tango-Lowy, Dancing Lion Chocolate, is spotlighted in this article.

HuffPost - HCP Tasting (June 30, 2017)
Rabbi Deborah Prinz attended the HCP Media event in New York last week and offered this post.

Associated Press - Tours for Chocolate Lovers
FCIA and Pam Williams contributed to the Associated Press Travel article on tours for chocolate lovers.
Some FCIA Members were mentioned.

The Slow Melt: Episode 7 - The Craft of Chocolate

FCIA's Executive Director Karen Bryant was happy to be included in Simran Sethi's Slow Melt podcast,
along with some of the important voices in the fine chocolate community. If you've wondered what the terms bean-to-bar,
craft and fine chocolate really mean, then you might enjoy listening to Episode 7 where a number of us squirm while we try to answer that question.

FCIA member Estelle Tracy's December 2016 article in Edible Philly

David Menkes of LetterPress Chocolate alerted FCIA that a local publication 
did a story about the Mast Brothers' new chocolate factory in Los Angeles that
referred to them as "the first bean-to-bar factory" in the LA area. FCIA immediately sent a media 
release informing the LA Weekly that David and several other bean-to-bar makers have been
making chocolate in the area for years.  The LA Weekly took note and responded with this follow-up article.

Berkeley "Truffle Queen" Alice Medrich Speaks at Chocolate Summit
Oakland Magazine covers FCIA's January 2016 event in San Francisco

Secrets to Success: How Can a Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Maker Stand Out From the Crowd?
FCIA Member Curtis Vreeland's 12/10/15 article (part 2) in

Red, White & Chocolate in the news - a visit with FCIA member and chocolatier, Mary "Chip" Tautkus 
at her shop, Chubby Chipmunk Hand-Dipped Chocolates in Deadwood, South Dakota (Oct 9, 2015)

Is the new American chocolate movement for small players only?
FCIA Member Curtis Vreeland's 10/2/15 article in

Chocolate is about to get real: Classifying cacao 'diamonds' from Duds
Slideshow from June 18, 2015 article in Washington Top News

Ensuring Cocoa's Flavorful Future
Full article starting on page 91from June 2, 2015 article in Candy & Snack TODAY

Why Does Your Chocolate Taste So Bad?
from the May 2015 article in Newsweek

FCIA's response to Bloomberg's article about the world chocolate shortage.

Cacao Flavor Through Genetics - Anatomy of Fine Flavor
from the November 2014 Issue of Manufacturing Confectioner.

Artisanal, Hand-Crafted Chocolate is a Growing Niche
An LA Times article (Feb 28, 2015) with input from FCIA

Here's How We're Going to Solve the Global Chocolate Shortage
Megan Giller, Future Tense / Slate, January 23, 2015

The Chocolate Industry’s Fight to Preserve the Taste and Heritage of Heirloom Cacao 
Article by Pam Williams in The New Global Citizen, January 15, 2015

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