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MEMBER Benefits

The Fine Chocolate Industry Association is a non-profit professional international association for anyone working in the chocolate industry. We welcome chocolate professionals who support the association's Vision, Mission and Code of Ethics. FCIA is the only organization focused 100% on the fine chocolate segment of the industry.

One of the big picture benefits of FICA is our commitment to provide unbiased information on what differentiates fine chocolate and fine chocolate making from mass market chocolate.

FCIA Members Also Enjoy:

    • Company Listing on Make Mine Fine, our consumer-facing website
    • Social Media Promotion for your company and products
    • Educational Webinars designed for chocolate makers, chocolatiers, traders, farmer groups, retailers, pastry chefs, and more; member companies receive free passes depending on their level of membership
    • Educational Webinar Sponsorships to promote your company and products; number of sponsorships depends on level of membership
    • Networking Opportunities with professionals representing the entire supply chain
    • Quarterly Newsletters & Feature Article
    • Weekly Updates from the Executive Director on key events each week, including a calendar of events and discounts for members
    • Online Resource Center, including the FCIA Thought Library, FCIA Membership directory, consumer and business surveys, webinar recordings, and up-to-date regulatory information
    • Discounts Program, which may include special FCIA shipping rates; affiliate organization trade shows, webinars, and festivals; company members’ products like chocolate, equipment, and bulk beans; and communications newswires
    • Mentor Program that links companies seeking support from others in our membership
    • Bundled Membership: list and receive information for staff in their companies based on the membership categories listed in the chart
    • Board and Committee Opportunities
    • Educational Webinar Sponsorship
    • Trade Magazine Featured Article in a leading industry publication in the US with distribution among confectionery companies
    • Cocoa Value Chain Programs, an ongoing USDA program in Latin America, and a matching grant program for members interested in cocoa training programs

    Download the full Membership and Event Sponsorship Benefits list

    Become a FCIA Member Now! 

    If you are unable to become a member at this time but want to be kept informed of the progress of the Association and be invited to FCIA events,  you can opt in to receive our FCIA emails on upcoming events and other information that we think you may find interesting.

    Who Are Our Members?

    We celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship of the fine chocolate professional focused on producing superior products made from premium chocolate and ingredients. Membership includes professionals involved in chocolate from blossom to bonbon and bar:

    • Cacao Growers and Processors
    • Chocolate Makers
    • Chocolate Manufacturers
    • Chocolatiers
    • Chocolate Equipment and Ingredient Suppliers
    • Pastry Chefs
    • Chocolate Marketing Professionals
    • Chocolate Industry Professionals
    • Food Writers and bloggers who specialize in chocolate
    • Culinary Educators who specialize in chocolate
    • Gourmet Retailers and Wholesalers who focus on offering fine chocolate

    "Bakon USA is very happy to be one of the founding members of the FCIA. It is a great place to meet people who share an endless passion for chocolate! Each meeting is a new source of inspiration."
    Luc Imberechts, Bakon USA

    "As a new member in the FCIA the last year's event was my first exposure to the membership. Not only was I welcomed as a peer, I was exposed to suppliers and fellow chocolatiers that cared as much as I do about Chocolate. The evening provided a wealth of information, from quality packaging suppliers to extremely unique chocolates to work with and educational resources. I look forward to a continuing membership as "Papa's Chocolates" continues to grow."
    John Walter, Papa's Chocolates

    "The FCIA community is a very important and absolutely unique resource for those of us who are passionate about fine chocolate. For me and my team, the informal networking and the more formal information sharing is invaluable. There is simply no other forum like it in our industry."
    Ellane Pirotte, Agostoni Chocolate

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