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The Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) is proud to host the Recognition of Excellence awards every other year to recognize outstanding fine chocolate industry professionals and companies for their significant contributions to our segment of the industry. We hope that by hosting these awards, fine chocolate professionals world-wide will continue to explore their passion and innovate, set trends, and raise the overall quality of our industry.

The FCIA does not issue awards as platitudes. These awards are determined by industry peers and recognize real achievement and contributions.  We do not guarantee that each award category will have a winner - nor do we limit the number of winners per category. Nominations are provided by professionals across the chocolate industry and are not gated by FCIA membership. Similarly, nominees/winners do not have to be an FCIA member.  However, to vote - you do need to be a FCIA member.

"I became a member of the FCIA because I strongly support its role in raising and maintaining the quality of the fine chocolate industry through seeking improvements in every aspect of chocolate production from cacao bean to the finished truffle.The FCIA sponsors the Awards for Excellence in Fine Chocolate which greatly inspires small chocolatiers like me to continually strive for purity and innovation in my artisan chocolates."
Cassie Stroup, Chocolate Suites
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Congratulations to the recipients of our Recognition of Excellence awards!  Each has followed their passion and by doing so, has raised the bar for the fine chocolate segment of our industry. Each has made a significant positive impact to our industry and their contribution has been recognized by their peers.

RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE - Congratulations 2017 Award Recipients!

Outstanding Service to the Industry 
 Carla Martin, PhD, Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute
 Matthew Stevens, Dessert Professional

Outstanding Contribution by a Fine Chocolatier
 Sibu Chocolate (accepted by Julio Fernandez Amon)

Outstanding Contribution by a Fine Chocolate Maker
 Greg D’Alesandre, Dandelion Chocolate
 Alex Whitmore, Taza Chocolate

Outstanding Contribution at Origin in Sustainability of Fine Chocolate
 Brian Horsley, Marañon Chocolate
 Emily Stone, Uncommon Cacao

Lifetime Achievement
 John Nanci, Chocolate Alchemy
 Ed Seguine, Seguine Cacao, Cocoa & Chocolate Advisors
 Mott Green, Grenada Chocolate (posthumously awarded; accepted by Mott’s Mother, Dr. Judith Friedman)


2015 Award Recipients

Outstanding Service to the Industry
 John Kehoe

Outstanding Contribution by a Fine Chocolate Maker/Manufacturer
 Manufacture Cluizel

2013 Award Recipients

Outstanding Fine Chocolate Maker
  Santiago Peralta   (FCIA member)

Innovation in Fine Chocolate Products
  Andal Balu   (FCIA member - USA)

Outstanding Service to the Industry
  Mary Jo Stojak   (FCIA member - USA)

Lifetime Achievement
  Jacquy Pfeiffer   (USA)

2011 Award Recipients

Curtis Vreeland interviews the FCIA executive director and some of the 2011 FCIA Excellence award winners.

Outstanding Fine Chocolatier
  Michael Recchiuti   (FCIA member - USA)

Outstanding Service to the Industry
  Pam Williams        (FCIA member - Canada)
  Elaine Gonzales    (USA)
  Chantal Coady       (UK)
Outstanding Fine Chocolate Maker or Manufacturer
  Steve De Vries      (FCIA Member - USA)
  Michel Cluizel        (France)
  Art Pollard              (FCIA Member - USA)

Lifetime Achievement
  Larry Burdick                      (USA)
  John Scharffenberger      (USA)

2009 Award Recipients

Recognition of Excellence Recipients 2009

Lifetime Achievement
  Gary Guittard     (FCIA Member - USA)

Outstanding Fine Chocolate Maker/Manufacturer - Europe
 Valrhona      (France)

Outstanding Fine Chocolatier - North America
 Fran Bigelow    (USA)

Outstanding Fine Chocolatier - Europe
Robert Linxe

Outstanding Fine Chocolate Literature
 Alexander Morozoff    (USA)

Innovation in Fine Chocolate Products
 Dr Robert Steinberg   (USA) 

Innovation in Fine Chocolate Product Presentation
 Norman Love  (USA)

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