The Fine Chocolate Industry Association is the non-profit professional international association for anyone working in the chocolate industry. We welcome chocolate professionals who share our values and support the association's Mission and Vision. FCIA is the only organization focused 100% on the fine chocolate segment of the industry.

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FCIA Partners Work To Save Madagascar Lemurs!

Talk about a feel good story! Via National Geographic: "In Madagascar, an updated approach to producing protecting the country's endangered lemurs." Learn ...

Chocolate Science Course: Dept. of Food Science at University of Guelph

Chocolate Science Short Course, Nov. 15-18 The Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph is offering FCIA Members a $200 discount. Access code via our Event Recaps/Di...

Sales Of Chocolate and Candy Hit All-Time High

In 2021, chocolate and candy sales were up 11% over 2020, and up 15.4% over 2019 as consumers increasingly focused on seasonal celebrations, sharing and gifting, and emotional well...
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What Is Fine Chocolate?

Fine chocolate is defined in terms of its flavor, texture and appearance, as well as how its limited ingredients, high cocoa and low sugar content, are sourced and processed.

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Visit Make Mine Fine, FCIA‘s fine chocolate marketplace. It‘s your one-stop-shop for fine chocolate, chocolate events and experiences, chocolate making equipment, books, and everything chocolate.

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FCIA Members

A Priori Specialty Foods
Casa Chocolates
French Broad Chocolates
Raphio Chocolate, LLC
Lacuna Cacao
Ecole Chocolat
Xocolatl of the Americas by Meetings Alliance
Moka Origins
Midunu Chocolates
The Violet Chocolate Company Ltd.
Castronovo Chocolate
Elena Ticozzi Valerio
Blommer Chocolate Co. Inc.
Siamaya Craft CO. Ltd.
Fruition Chocolate Works
Animas Chocolate Company
Tasty Tours
Banyan Tree Chocolate
D'liteful Chocolat
Mesocacao LL
Rosie's Confections
The Chocolate Enthusiast
Pollinator Chocolate
Hemisphere Coffee Roasters/Hemisphere Craft Chocolate
Cacao Latitudes
Curating Taste
Dancing Lion Chocolate
Charm School Chocolate
Finca Chocolat
International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting
Grocer's Daughter Chocolate
Chocolate Maya
Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute
Prime Cacao - Vale Potumuju - Baianí Chocolate
XOCAO Chocolates
Amore di Mona couverture chocolat speciale
Bar & Cocoa
Villakuyaya LLC
Laughing Gull Chocolates
St. Croix Chocolate Co.
CocoTerra Company
Hummingbird Chocolate
Honeycreeper Chocolate
Conexion Chocolate
S Walter Packaging
Hazel Hill Chocolate
TCF Sales
Wright Old School Chocolate
Hilliard's Chocolate Systems
Savage Bros. Co.
The Chocolate Professor
Fjak Chocolate
Pyure Brands, LLC
Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory
Monsoon Chocolate
Malagos Agri-Venture Corporation
Guittard Chocolate
Dandelion Chocolate
Fifth Dimension Chocolates
Super Simple Foods, LLC
Ara Cacao
Coco Jolie
Zak's Chocolate
The Wonderbon Hot Chocolate Co.
Heritage Food Crafters
To'ak Chocolate
Mission Chocolate
Uncommon Cacao
Ór Dubh Chocolates
flying noir
Garcia Nevett - Chocolatier de Miami
Club ChoKolate
Lohcally Artisan Chocolates
Burke Candy and Ingredients
Cocoa Community Confections Inc.
Hecho Chocolate
Cult de Choco
WellnessRox DPC, LLC
sweet bean
Opening Chocolate
blue spruce chocolates
Sonoma Chocolatiers
Lake Champlain Chocolates
Fran's Chocolates
Burnt Fork Bend, LLC
The Touring Chocolatier
Cabotto Chocolates
The Kairi Chocolate Company Ltd.
Ucayali River Cacao S.A.C.
Sweet Mona's Chocolates
Driftless Chocolates LLC
Chocolate Man
Raven Rising Enterprises Ltd.
BOHO Chocolate
Dateolate / Sweet Saffron LLC
Taste Artisan Chocolate
Diamond Custom Machines Corporation
Chocolate Noise
Chef Rubber
Luxx Chocolat LLC
Bixby & Co.
Casa Franceschi
Harlem Chocolate Factory
Chocolat Shanah LLC
Seattle Chocolate Company
Honeymoon Chocolates
Bath Chocolate Company Ltd
Plum Brook Chocolate
Safranne Chocolate Moulds
Tandem Chocolates
Jerome and Horner
Tangle Chocolate LLC
Keepsake Keto Candies & Chocolates
Goodnow Farms Chocolate
K+M Chocolate
Southwestern University
American Mold Company
The Cocoa Forge
ATSSED-Alternative Technologies for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development
andSons Chocolatiers
Eldora Chocolate
Flor de Maria Inc.
Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate
Go To Chocolate

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