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FCIA Stakeholders

FCIA recognizes three types of stakeholders:  

1. FCIA Members:  FCIA is a membership organization which is represented and governed by the fine chocolate industry.  Our members are private sector entities representing all stages of the value chain from farm to finished product.  FCIA members are categorized as "Corporate" or "Affiliate" members.  Corporate Membership dues are based on a company's gross revenue from fine chocolate sales while Affiliate Membership is a flat fee.  

Examples of FCIA Members include: chocolate makers, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, traders, processors, machine manufactures and equipment suppliers, packagers, farmer cooperatives, and others in the fine chocolate business.

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2. FCIA Affiliated Industry Associations:   FCIA has developed strategy alliances with many other organizations around the world which promote fine chocolate.  These organizations vary in size and function, but typically hold forums or conferences, helping to raise the profile and quality of chocolate.      

Examples of FCIA Affiliated Industry Associations include: national and state trade associations, international cocoa organizations, regional fine chocolate forums, etc.

  Affiliated Industry Associations & Events

 3. FCIA Partners:  FCIA also has partnerships with government and non-government organizations which manage programs in cocoa producing countries.  These programs help to improve not only cocoa quality, but the social, economic and environmental conditions at the farm level.  Research institutions are also included in this category since they help to develop flavor standards and improve and safeguard fine cacao varietals.   

Examples of FCIA Partners include: research institutes, universities, non-government organizations, development agencies, and others. 


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