Flaunt Your Flavors: Seize the Opportunity to Shine in the USI Chocolate Showdown!

We are excited to launch the 1st Annual US International Chocolate Competition (USICC).  Top Trade Buyers around the US will be judging in a blind taste test the entries by its category and actual price.  It is open to all commercially produced chocolate products from around the world and it does not have to be currently sold in the United States.  The competition will begin the week of September 14th and is now open for entries.
Adam Levy is The Chocolate Professor and the founder of the USICC.  It is his competition philosophy that trade buyers truly know what consumers want and what they will buy at what price.   Adam 14 years ago founded the New York International Spirits Competition with that philosophy and since then only real trade buyers have judged in his international competitions.  Adam also founded and runs International Beer, Wine and Spirits Competitions in New York, Berlin, Melbourne and Asia through his International Beverage Competitions Group.
Winners in the USICC will receive a 2” physical medal along with the digital image of their medal and a numerical score.  There is no additional charge to use the medal images and score in your marketing materials.  Winners will have options to purchase authorized stickers and medal licenses for their packaging. 
Adam showcases the winners from all of his competitions on the Alcohol Professor, Cheese Professor, and The Chocolate Professor.  Top winners from the competitions are additionally profiled on the different websites with plans to have a series of pairing articles of winning chocolates with winning spirits, wines, beers and cheeses. 
The Head Judge for the USICC will be Lauren Adler who will receive samples for all the judging panels.  As Head Judge she will sequence and assign the panels as well as know all the entries in the competition. Judges will be communicating with her during the competition process and she will sign off on final results.  The confirmed current trade buyer judges include buyers from Zingermans, BiRite Market, Bar & Cocoa, Mon Aimee, DC Chocolate House, Chocotastery and Chocolate Uplift.  We expect to be adding a few more judges in the coming weeks.
Producers and their representatives may enter the competition through the software platform www.foodbevcomp.com and feel to contact us directly at info@thechocolateprofessor.com and mobile 2017477111
Thank You
US International Chocolate Competition