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Brad Kintzer (TCHO Chocolate), President

Lauren Adler (Chocolopolis), Vice President

Daniel Domingo (Atlantic Cocoa / ECOM Cocoa), Treasurer

Andal Balu (Cocoatown)

Greg D'Alesandre (Dandelion Chocolate)

Jenna Derhammer (Blommer Chocolate)

Clark Guittard (Guittard Chocolate Company)

Mark Harman (Mesocaco)

Eric Lampman (Lake Champlain Chocolate)

Sander Wolf (Dallas Chocolate Festival)

Maricel Presilla (International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting , Gran Cacao & Blue Cacao)

Pam Williams (Ecole Chocolat), Past President


Bill Guyton, Executive Director
Bill became FCIA’s Executive Director in 2018. He has deep technical expertise and hands-on sustainable development field experience with in-country experience in 30 different nations in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East, supporting agricultural programs and trade associations. He is the FCIA’s primary spokesman with responsibilities including supporting the board and committees, developing new partnerships, managing staff and finances, and implementing FCIA strategic plans.

Jennifer Wicks, Operations & Finance Manager
Jennifer is the only chocolate maker on staff. She is involved in the bean-to-bar movement, where chocolate makers find cocoa beans directly from farmers or from specialty suppliers who know their sources. Jennifer manages FCIA finances and oversees the partnership program budgets, including for Maximizing Opportunities in Coffee and Cacao in the Americas (MOCCA).

Ephi Maglaris, Operations & Membership Manager
Ephi has over 20 years of diverse professional experience in event production, sustainability consulting, and restaurant marketing. She is certified as a Digital Event Strategist (DES) and works closely with the Events and Education Committee to organize and implement in-person and virtual FCIA events, webinars, conferences, and regional meetups to reach a wide audience.

LaSaundra Scott, Administrative Assistant
LaSaundra has both an Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree in English and believes that a quality education can open a world of possibilities. She assists FCIA in behind-the-scenes on webinars, board elections, membership databases, and email distributions. As a proud vegan, LaSaundra allots a touch of chocolate into her life occasionally.

Mey Choy Paz, Private Sector Liaison
Mey is a sensory analyst with a background in cocoa trading. Based in Tingo Maria in Peru, Mey represents FCIA on the MOCCA, a US Department of Agriculture funded program in Latin America. Mey’s specific duties are to link cocoa farmer organizations with company members and to provide quality assessments of cocoa.


We are truly grateful to our Founding Members who contributed financial resources to the legal, financial and administrative costs during the association's first year of operation.

Melanie Boudar
Sweet Paradise Chocolatier

Anita Bushara

Mary Butler
Carolina Confectionery Company

Gonzalo Chiriboga
Republica Del Cacao

Pam and Bob Cooper
Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory

Tracey Downey
Downey's Chocolates

Ed Engoron

Gary Guittard
Guittard Chocolate Company

Kristen Hard
Cacao Atlanta

Jean-Paul Hepp

Peter Ho

Luc Imberechts
BAKON USA Food Equipment

Daniel Nelson
Chocolat by Daniel

Frederick Schilling

Mary Jo Stojak

Beth Tully
Cocoa Dulce

Pam Williams
Ecole Chocolat


This team of fine chocolate professionals act as a resource and sounding board for the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.

Steve De Vries
De Vries Chocolate

Chloé Doutre-Roussel
Chloe Chocolat

Gary Guittard
Guittard Chocolate Company

Michael Recchiuti
Recchiuti Confections

Frederick Schilling

"The FCIA is a vibrant group of cutting-edge professionals from the chocolate industry that are leading the way in the new age of high-quality, Fair Trade cocoa and chocolate. Union Confectionery Machinery has served the confectionery industry for 99 years and we fully support the FCIA, its members and their endeavors. An amazing group of people!"
Jim Greenberg, Union Confectionery Machinery Company

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